The late 19th and early 20th century was a period of rapid Western cultural influence in Japan that saw numerous beer companies founded across the country. In Kyushu, a group of prominent individuals in Moji came together to jointly finance Kyushu’s first brewery. They were joined by the Suzuki Shoten company from Kansai, which recognized the potential of Kyushu with its coal resources, high-quality water, and excellent transportation infrastructure. This collaboration led to the birth of the Imperial Beer Company.

During the economic depression of the 1920s, however, financial difficulties led Suzuki Shoten to go bankrupt. The brewery underwent numerous name changes, including Sakura Beer, Dainippon Beer, Nippon Beer, and finally, Sapporo Beer, all of which contributed significantly to Moji’s industrial development.

With the completion of Sapporo Beer’s new brewery in 2000, the Moji facility was closed. Today, the remaining buildings have been preserved as the Moji Red Brick Place, where they have been repurposed into a museum, gallery, hall, and dining establishments.

About the Cultural Property

Former Sapporo Beer Brewery

This building is the most conspicuous of the preserved structures within the Moji Red Brick Place. Completed in 1913, it features a multi-level asymmetrical design. The main structure is covered with red brick, while the interior is lined with rare slag bricks.

Normally not open to the public, the interior houses well-preserved antique German filtration machines, massive fermentation tanks, and valuable equipment, all of which are kept as they were. The building exudes a profound and imposing ambiance.

Visitors can see various small artifacts and tool racks, also left as-is to provide a glimpse into the daily life of that era. On the ground floor, you’ll find restaurants and shops that make it a bustling hub of activity.

Former Sapporo Beer Kyushu Plant Office

This office building was completed in 1913. It is unique from the other structures in that it is constructed entirely of slag bricks throughout the entire building. Additionally, the brickwork patterns differ between the building’s interior and exterior.

The interior features ceilings decorated with metal paneling, wall accents, and fireplaces, with designs tailored to suit each room’s style and formality.

The building is now known as the Moji Beer Renga-kan and functions as a museum. Visitors can tour the building itself while also enjoying a diverse range of exhibits that explore the brewery’s long history

Former Sapporo Beer Kyushu Plant Warehouse

This warehouse, completed in 1913, served as storage for brewing ingredients. Like the brewery, the exterior is red brick facing, while the interior utilizes slag bricks, which helped maintain humidity.

While the exterior remains largely unchanged, the interior has been renovated and now features a spacious hall.

Today, the warehouse has been repurposed into an event venue. It also houses a popular café that offers stunning waterfront views, making it a thriving hub for social gatherings.

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