Takeda Castle


Takeda Castle is a rare mountain castle in Japan, as it retains most of its original structure.
Takeda once flourished as a castle town, and there are former sake breweries and numerous temples where you can get a glimpse of its history.

Takeda Castle Ruins

Takeda Castle is said to have been built between 1441 and 1443 by Mochitoyo Yamana, a Western army general who was famous for being the governor of Tajima province during the Onin War during the Kakichi era.
Takeda Castle, which had lost its owner, was abandoned due to the policies established by the Edo Shogunate.

Former Kimura Sake Brewery store and main building

Sake has been made at the former Kimura Sake Brewery for nearly 400 years.
The large grounds can be seen from inside the castle, and the main building with its decorative roof supports is a major architectural heritage of Takeda.

Former Kimura Sake Brewery Storage

Like the main building, this warehouse was built in the early 1900s. It was used for aging sake.
It has become the tourist information center ``Castle in the Sky'' in the Asago City area where Takeda Castle is located.