Company Information

From RIKEN's RIKEN Ventures system, established in July 2014.

Company Name
Hacosco Inc.
3-59-4-510 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Representative Director Naotaka Fujii
Capital Amount
JPY 33 Million
Business Lines
Planning, sales and operations of smart phone VR service Hacosco

Message from the Representative Director

Hacosco is a smart phone VR service using a simple viewer that can be used with your smart phone, to experience VR (virtual reality) easily.

The existing HMD (head mounted display) VR was expensive and required large-scale equipment and preparation, making it out of reach for most normal people.

I, having researched neuroscience using virtual reality for a long time, created Hacosco based on the concept of an easier, anytime/anywhere VR experience that anybody can use.

In line the name Haco (box in Japanese) + scope = Hacosco , it is a minimal design putting a lens in cardboard that can be used with your smart phone, but allows an immersive VR experience similar to the existing HMD.

With Hacosco, we have delivered a virtual reality space that you can enjoy easily anytime, anywhere in a world inside a box.

Hacosco, inc.
Representative Director
Naotaka Fujii

Founding members

CEO & Representative Director

Naotaka Fujii

RIKEN Brain Science Institute team leader. Doctor of medical science

COO & Co-founder

Keiko Otara

Launched Japan business for Paypal, eBay, Tesla, and Amazon. Current post from 2014, after leaving role launching new payment services at Rakuten.

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